Anxiety affects many of us. For the majority of people, whilst it is an uncomfortable feeling, we work our way through the problem. For others, the feelings are too uncomfortable that they adapt their behaviour in an effort to avoid the problem.


Anxiety affects people of all ages and can be very debilitating

Anxiety is caused by a message being sent from our mind to our muscles making us aware to be prepared. This is in anticipation for “fight or flight“. The adrenaline is pumped around the body,the blood is being pumped around the heart waiting for the command. We become nervous, agitated, blocking out certain stimuli to concentrate more fully on the problem. We may experience tingling in our arms and legs as well as feeling overly warm or chilled.
Panic attacks are an extension progressing from anxiety states. Like a fire drill, we hear the tone that implies there is a real fire. Our mind reacts automatically.
The body reacts in the same way. Its sole aim is to PRESERVE LIFE! Some individuals will be scrapping their way out of the corner ["fight"], whilst others will be having palpitations, muscles constricting,with extreme shortage of breath, and trying to flee the situation ["flight"]. Many clients afterwards describe the event as that of having a heart attack. It is not – it is a panic attack. The body is simply reacting to the only instruction from the brain – PRESERVE LIFE! Anyone who has experienced panic attacks will tell you they never want to experience one again.

Emotional Problem Solving helps each individual look at the behaviour to understand what they are going through ie the thought process [the cause] activating the body’s behaviour [the effect]. We also help the individual identify the trigger to show the pattern of behaviour. By studying the pattern, an individual can break down each process and correct the negative thinking whilst also improving their self esteem.



No Panic
This is a charity that aims to aid relief and rehabilitation of sufferers of panic attacks, phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and provide support to families and carers. Tel : 0808 808 0545

Anxiety Care
Charity that specialises in helping people to recover from anxiety disorders – offering face to face and telephone counselling and support. Tel : 0208 478 3400

First Steps to Freedom
Charity that gives practical help to people who suffer from general anxiety and panic attacks offering a helpline, advice and counselling. Tel : 0845 120 2916

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