Depression can leave people feeling isolated and confused.

Depression can leave people feeling isolated and confused.


Depression is an interesting and highly debated topic as many individuals will be heard stating they are “depressed” when in fact they are low in mood. Depression tends to last longer than one week, and affects other areas of your life ie your diet, sleep pattern, your get up and go, your libido. Some individuals may not realize they are low in mood but find that they are easily antagonized, are more prone to feeling stressed or having angry outbursts that are out of character. Some individuals isolate themselves and sleep through their day in bed to pass time. Regardless of what level of low mood you may be experiencing, many tasks will feel as if they are harder to achieve or take longer to do with littleĀ  or no enthusiasm.

Some individuals may well insist that they have depression as did their parent and grandparent. Whilst this may be true, more often it is learnt behaviour in how to behave on a daily basis and react to situations in a certain way. If it is genetic it is more likely to be clinical depression which is a form of mental illness. It is helpful to make a list of events that have happened to consider the triggers relating to your low mood.

It takes considerable skill and effort to shake off the negative feelings and tough out what is causing you to be depressed. Amazingly, people do not tell others they feel low in mood or are taking anti-depressants. Yet, the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2001) suggest that half of Western Europe suffer with mental health issues, identifying anxiety and depression as the most common of all (Haddad et al., 2007). Further, that depression has a greater impact on the individual in comparison to physical illnesses such as angina, asthma or arthritis, and deemed to account for 40% of the world’s disabilities (Haddad et al., 2007; Taylor and Chang, 2008). There are concerns that, if not treated, depression will be the major disease globally affecting all individuals. This in turn has an impact, not only on the individual suffering with mental ill health but, also the wider economy with an estimated loss of 17 billion pounds in the United Kingdom (UK) alone (Layard, 2006).




Depression Alliance
Charity that provides information, support, and understanding to those who are affected by depression.
Web : Tel : 0845 123 2320

Fellowship of Depressives Anonymous

Nationwide self help organisation made up of groups and individuals who meet on a regular basis for mutual support.
Web : Tel : 0870 774 4320

SAD Association
Voluntary association provides information, support and advice to individuals who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Web : Tel : 01903 814942

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