This is a wide arena for us all. What is sexuality? When do we define our choice of sexuality? What are the pressures facing us when we make that decision? What impact does that have on us, our family, and friends?

All of this means that we experience thoughts and feelings. If those thoughts and feelings are attacked in any way, it will have an impact on our mental health. It is important that you seek out help as soon as possible, otherwise your mental health will deteriorate rapidly, affecting your self esteem and laying you exposed to Anxiety and Depression.

There are, thank goodness, now several agencies, particularly voluntary, who can provide help and advice (even if it is basic counselling support) giving you the time to clarify your beliefs about your sexuality.

For those clients who feel they were born the wrong sex, and wish to pursue having a sex change, there is an excellant unit in London with a volunteer support group who can help and advise particularly towards families.

Whilst many clinicians are unaware of who they can approach on behalf of their client, Emotional Problem Solving can not only support the client but also advise with searching out the most appropriate agency for further advice and help.

Voluntary agencies

The Albany Trust
This is a charitable organisation that offers help with emotional, social, and relationship problems through psychological counselling services. Tel:0208 767 1827

Beaumont Society
This is a support group for cross dressers,tranvestites, and transsexuals offering a national information network, a safe mailbox system, and a variety of activities. Tel:01582 412220

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