Did you know that suicide is as common as deaths from road traffic accidents ie some 5,000 individuals per annum?

So few people understand an individual’s reasoning as to contemplating suicide. It is a bleak, incredibly isolating arena with very few choices to hand other than ways of planning where and how.

To some individuals, suicide is the only way out of a pressurising circumstance[s] of life. To others, there are attempts that fail but clearly state their distress. Sadly, this behaviour is often ignored and seen as nothing more than “attention seeking”. This only heightens the distress and increases the risk of a further attempt.

If you are experiencing ANY suicidal thoughts, please speak with somebody to get some help. But not just anybody – a recognised professional who can empathise with your thoughts and feelings. Recognise that the suicidal plan masks the cause of why you are contemplating this serious and desperate objective.

Long established and recognised charity providing telephone and face to face support.
Web : Tel : 08457 909090

The Maytree
A sanctuary where individuals experiencing active suicidal thoughts and feelings can stay, talk, and reflect in peace and quiet and safety. Web : Tel : 0207 263 7070

SOBS – Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide
Self help voluntary organisation that offers emotional and practical support to individuals who have been bereaved by the suicide of a close relative or friend.
Web : Tel : 0844 561 6855

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