Mental Illness

Most people associate Mental Health or Mental Illness with Madness or Schizophrenia. Remember that the phrase Mental Health is the umbrella term whilst Mental Illness describes different types of longer term illnesses.

All Mental Illness requires prescribed medication often being monitored by psychiatrists, community mental health nurses (CPNs), and doctors (GPs). It is not unusual when newly diagnosed to go into hospital to be assessed and to sort medication treatment that requires monitoring and tweaking before discharge.

Most people have no knowledge or understanding of mental illness and make their judgments based on what the media portray i.e. knife wielding Schizophrenia maniac kills father of four. This is not the majority of how people suffering with Schizophrenia live. In fact, it is less than 1%, but we believe the media in their portrayal of schizophrenia.

Like physical illness, we need to monitor and assist people who are extremely mentally ill and support as they improve.

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