This illness affects an individual causing them to be very depressed. Bi-polar/manic depression describes the illness being very depressed but can bounce to polar extreme of over active energy. Prescribed medication is required to balance the moods to an acceptable level. This can take several adjustments of medication to get it just right leaving the individual exhausted and low in mood.

Chronic depression suggests that an individual has been depressed for many many years. Whilst bi-polar/manic depression is generic, it is questioned whether chronic depression has been learnt from childhood as a negative coping mechanism.

Manic Depression Fellowship
Working to enable people affected by manic depression to take control of their lives by supporting and developing self help opportunities. Also providing information services about the condition.
Web : Tel : 08456 340 540

Self management training programme for young people suffering with Bi-Polar disorder,or manic depression.
Web : Tel : 0207 793 2600

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