Negative Coping

Negative coping mechanisms is explored all EPS clients as it gives a very good indication of how we are mentally. So often, we talk of being stressed out and reach for another cigarette, glass of wine, book in for that nail treatment or retail therapy! For many individuals,this is our way of dealing with our stress by using negative coping mechanisms. What we find though, is that the stress does not deteriorate nor go away, and we do more to cope with ever increasing levels, and eventually realise that the coping mechanisms are no longer effective.

So often, people who are deemed drug, alochol, or gambling addicts and want to stop their behaviour are not taught how to repair their self esteem, or identify that they are using these as negative coping mechanisms. Individuals who attempt to wean themselves off the addiction at great personal expense recover only to be discharged from care to meet gremlins at the door. With no positive coping mechanisms in place, these individuals feel they have no choice but to restart the negative coping mechanisms to cope with the gremlins of their reality.

It is vital to maintain positive mental health by looking after our self esteem and employing positive coping mechanisms. If we do this on a daily basis, we are happier, more interactive, socially engaging, willing to try harder and new things,more content in mood, and have a greater chance of looking after ourselves physically with all things in moderation. Further more, if we really look after ourselves both mentally and physically, we are far more capable of looking after others who really need our help with only half the energy! And that is really proactive!

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