Borderline Personality Disorder

This is one of three specialist areas that Emotional Problem Solving can help with. Sadly, and typically, it has had very bad press with so few professionals able to help. This is mainly because it is not recognised as a mental illness, and very misunderstood by the public viewing the negative behaviour as “attention seeking”. For those of you unlucky to have been labelled as such – you will know that you suffer with a combination of mental ill health such as anxiety [sometimes with obsessive compulsive tendancies], depression, and at times feeling suicidal. Some of you can not tolerate the negative feelings and resort to self harming to over ride them. More often than not,¬†you are most certainly not “attention seeking”!

Whilst there is a very good clinic in London who soley concentrates on this field of expertise, it is a poorly recognised area to be in. The best way to understand this is that you have missed out largely on the nurturing in your early childhood, and so you find it very difficult to cope with your emotions. You try to mimic others in compassion but it may come across as inappropriate or self centred.

Health professionals state there are no drugs for BPD. Whilst this is true, [as no tablet can inject nurturing into your bloodstream!] they can offer you talking therapy and anxiolytics and/or antidepressants to alleviate anxiety and/or depressive emotions. Health professionals also often feel there is very little to offer in the way of therapy. Again, you can not fix something that did not exist. You can, however, help individuals suffering with BPD to repair their self esteem which empowers these individuals to learn how to continue nurture themselves in a positive way.

Emotional Problem Solving can work very effectively in this area by working extensively with the individual on their self esteem. Whilst it can not be achieved in four to six sessions, it can be done within nine months initially weekly but quickly reducing to monthly contact.

BDP World
A support organisation committed to raising awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health with a focus on BPD providing information and advice.
Web : Tel : 0870 005 3273

The James Naylor Foundation
Charity dedicated to understanding and treating personality disorders.
Web : Tel : 01904 624933

Tourette Syndrome Association
Charity providing support and information to sufferers, their families, and anyone else connected with the disorder.
Web : Tel : 0845 458 1252

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