Eating Disorder


Eating Disorders vary and are not only defined to people who are extremely overweight or over-thin

Eating disorders, in the main, affect the female population : both girls and women. For some individuals, it is about the society’s image to be thin and the indivdiuals lacking the confidence being the way they are. For others, it is about having control in one area of their life where they feel every other area is controlled by others.  But ALL suffer from poor self esteem.

Women who are under six stone in weight [as a general guide] with girls less dependant upon their age, should be seen by specialists where they can slowly and carefully be monitored emotionally and medically. It is not a quick fix. In those near death cases, an individual’s self esteem has been eroded and damaged over considerable time.

Emotional Problem Solving can help individuals from the age of seven years upwards. All too often in our fast paced lives, family members get ignored and left to their own devices with negative thought processes [the cause] attacking the self esteem which affects the negative behaviour [the effect]. A lot of work is done repairing the self esteem so that the individual learns how to regain control of their life without being intimidated by others.

Children and adolescents do need support and understanding of their family – something that is often neglected or replaced with things rather than a parent’s time and empathy.



ABC – Anorexia and Bulemia Care
Organisation that provides support and advice to suffers, their families, and carers.
Web : Tel : 01462 423351

Charity that helps those whose lives are affected by an eating disorder offering confidential counselling and support.
web : Tel : 01582 457474

Overeaters Anonymous
A fellowship of individuals whose lives have been affected by compulsive over eating who meet in order to support each other recover.
Web : Tel : 07000 784985

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