Substance Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Alcohol Abuse

Coping mechanisms such as Alcohol abuse can cause many side effects.

This is a broad area : lots of people associate alcohol with socialising whilst drugs are better associated with relaxation and time out. However, when an individual becomes dependant upon them to get them through the daily life stresses, it is a warning that should not be ignored but so often is.

Secondary care within the NHS do have Drug and Alcohol teams but they will not work with the individual unless a client states they wish to stop. In other words, the individual chooses to be referred. Some clients volunteer to be admitted to inpatient detox units where they effectively have prescribed medication to wean them off [not for the faint hearted!]. They also have talking therapy sessions in groups and one to one daily to help explain why they are dependant upon alcohol and/or drugs. Experience as a professional suggests that a living hell must be out there because so many clients detox only to go back into reality and start abusing again.


Families and carers can be cruelly abused by the client taking drugs or alcohol and they too may need to have support from voluntary agencies.


Drug abuse and dependency brings its own unique issues associated with habitual reliance.


A client has to really want to give up the negative coping mechanism first and foremost. Emotional Problem Solving helps the client to identify the problems causing them to self abuse, and then looks at ways of changing the negative thought patterns and behaviour, as well as solutions to help them. Needles to say, the client’s self esteem has to be repaired as alcohol and drugs do considerable damage over time.



Support for families and friends affected by problems with drugs and alcohol. Tel : 0207 928 8898

National helpline for anyone needing information about drugs and addiction. Tel : 0800 77 66 00

The National Alcohol Helpline offering confidential advice, information,
and support.
Tel : 0800 917 8282

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