Young People

Young people with mental health issues would normally be referred on by your GP specialist services eg educational psychologist, local Child Guidance centre, special schools, or a adolescent hospital unit. However, whilst there are facilities, they are limited to what they can offer.

It is a real source of worry and fear of parents to witness their child self harm in some way, or worse, attempt suicide. It has been known for the resources to be unable to assist.



Young children and young adults are continually developing their emotional toolset to help them deal with adult life. They sometimes need assistance to develop correctly.


It is rare that a young person under the age of fifteen years to be prescribed psychitric medication. Emotional Problem Solving can help with this by understanding the young person’s behaviour who invariably is reacting to their confused emotions. The young individual concerned feels intimidated by family, peers, and regulatory bodies to seek help. Their distressing behaviour is usually dramatic ie anorexic and having to be admitted to hospital, self harming to the upper thighs, etc

There are many voluntary agencies who can support and counsel young people all over the country providing them confidentiality and safe haven.






Free confidential 24hr helpline for young people.
Web : Tel : 0800 1111

Childrens Information Centre
Independant charity offering free information and guildance to parents and carers of children up to 14 years.
Web : Tel : 0800 328 9148

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