Students have a hard enough time as it is what with attending lectures, preparing assignments, exams, as well as living their personal life. For many, it is their first time away from home and having to be responsible for paying their rent, bills, and social life with very little support. It is also a minefield at having to be responsible with time keeping for attendance and assignments in and around the social scene with no authority or discipline in place as experienced with school and parents.

Being treated by adults and being expected to behave as a responsible adult with all the emotions as well as being unleashed can be very scary and intimidating.


Academic life can bring its own added strains and stresses.

Colleges and universities do provide in house counselling as well as personal tutor support, but they are time limited.

Students in high schools and sixth form colleges should not be excluded from this group. There is enormous pressure to focus on assignments and do well in exams setting them up for life. But they have a social life that comes with all its own pressures. How often as a parent have they heard the student say, “but you just don’t understand! It was different in your day!”

All students will feel low at times with stress related issues be it money, assignments, exams, peer pressure, family pressure, isolation, or homesickness. It is important to show compassion and empathy towards these situations, and, above all else, take the time to listen.

Emotional Problem Solving can help identify many of the hidden issues that are masked by different behaviour, or worse, the phrases of “I don’t know!”, or “nothing’s wrong!”.

Student Depression
Website designed with the help of students for students who experience low moods and bouts of depression providing a support message board, real life
stories, and advice.
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R U Thinking
Website and telephone support for young people aimed at supporting and advising with issues around sex and relationships.
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